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High Rise Window Cleaning

We leave things better than when we find them; this means that we invest ourselves in projects in order to see true results. High-rise buildings pose a challenge to owners and property managers when it comes to the maintenance of the windows. We know that we must keep our windows free from excessive contaminants and this means regular cleaning. So, why is a high-rise any different than a mid or low? The hazard associated with reaching the tall heights of a high-rise building is the main reason. Proper instruments and health and safety training must be utilized in order for the cleaning process to go smoothly and safely.
We highly recommend checking the credentials and insurance held by the window washing company you choose for your high-rise. Kingdom Building Services is fully licensed, insured and acquired the right training for the cleaning of high-rise buildings. We offer complete, comprehensive packages that hold solutions for building owners and property managers in need of a resolution! The hazards that our staff is faced with are not taken lightly so we ensure that the proper training and equipment is utilized on each and every site that we take under contract.
The difficulty that accompanies taller buildings makes the challenge of window washing more prevalent than ever. We hire team members that are qualified and able to facilitate the clean of high-rise buildings to help minimize this difficulty. We would never recommend a DIY or novice provider to commit to these jobs as the hazards present and the level of difficulty is overwhelming to inexperienced members of the window washing community. Proud to offer affordable rates for clients we will continue to keep customers front of mind and base our business model with the client in mind.
What we wash your windows with matters, the run off of window washing projects enters the water system leaving the environment susceptible to damage. Our entire collection of solutions is made with biodegradable along with nontoxic components. We deliver clean and clear windows for community members who need the services we provide. Being conscious of the environment and the impact that we have on our surroundings is important, we go above and beyond to meet and exceed these principles each and every day.
Tools used to facilitate the cleaning of high-rise windows are specialized for the task. We have invested in top of the line cleaning supplies in order to deliver you the very best results. By taking advantage of the best in industry tools we stop the streak where it starts! Your finished product will be complete and affordable when completed by Kingdom Building Services. You will be provided the absolute best customer service and have your high-rise windows cleaned with state of the art tools. Let us take you to new heights with our out of this world cleaning package for high-rises!

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